Book Review of ‘But It’s Not Fair’ by Aneeta Prem

Through the eyes of Vinny, a fifteen year old girl living in East London, the author explores the taboo subject of forced marriage.
As Vinny journeys through adolescence she becomes aware of the consequences for some friends whose parents are not as liberal as her own. She realises that not everyone is encouraged to fulfil their potential and ambition as herself and her sister are able to. Vinny is determined to stick by her friends and through the narrative of the story, the author provides vital information for readers who know someone forced into marriage, or are in that situation themselves.
The book is fairly easy to read and is aimed at teenage readers, but is very enjoyable for any age. It is full of facts and information and has an honest and straightforward approach to this real and horrific subject whilst managing to engage the reader in a story which is funny and endearing




Feel like crying but am blogging instead. I’m £7 over my overdraft and now I will get a £22 charge by the bank. Really feeling the pinch now. Moved into this house 5 years ago. There’s no gas here, just oil (yes, it’s rural) and the gas has almost doubled in price since we moved in. Hating walking round the city in my lunch hour because I have three kids and I want to buy them Christmas presents but every pound is accounted for to hold off the nasty letters that come more and more frequently. Eating value everything. Working my butt off but seeming to get nowhere. Having to fill my car up with fuel to get anywhere (petrol prices…need I say more?). Hate giving money to the banks because I haven’t got any money. Got an advance wage payment from the finance department at work today but won’t get it until tomorrow and that is too late to avoid the bank charge AAARRRGGGHHH

Thank you faceless listener. I feel better now (but still skint).